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How do digital assets move out of the platform?

release time:2018-01-30 publisher:BBX

1, log in to the personal Center - my assets - transfer virtual currency.

2、select the number of digital assets you want to turn out, the first turn out need to add the transfer of the wallet address, not the first turn out of the fifth step.

3, add your turn out wallet address, the label helps to mark the different purse address, convenient to distinguish.

4. The same digital asset can add more than one out of the wallet address.

5、return to the virtual currency page, select the corresponding out of wallet address, fill in the number of transferred out, fill in the correct verification code and transaction password, submit the application of transferred information.

6. Whether the transfer application of a digital asset that has been submitted in the list is shown in the list.

7. Whether or not the digital assets that are passed are transferred out of the state, and then the digital assets are automatically transferred to the corresponding address.

The transfer of different digital assets to the account time is slightly different according to the network, it is suggested to do a good job of planning and operation in advance.