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关于Bitbitx Inc收购DNA交易平台的公告

release time:2018-03-05 publisher:BBX

      Canada Ottawa time 15:00 March 4th (Beijing time 4:00 March 5th), Canada Bitbitx Inc wholly-owned acquisition of DNA trading platform, and formally renamed the DNA currency net.
      Bitbitx Inc is a family owned chain operation block digital asset trading range of Canada legitimate companies, with the North American blockchain foundation and the Bitgoose Inc, EZSS Japan Corporation and other companies have a good cooperation and business relations, the acquisition of DNA digital asset trading platform, in order to more conducive to the development of internationalization, decided to enable the new domain name http://www.bitbitx.com and the original DNA renamed the coin network trading platform. Set up a mutually beneficial, cooperative, win-win digital science and education industry cooperation platform, its strong customer resources to enable it to develop rapidly in the international field. The North American block chain Foundation helps the development of the global block chain, and promotes the R & D of the underlying technology of the block chain. Tan Wenyan, President of the North block chain foundation, said: "2017 is the era when the block chain is developing vigorously, and there will be more applications in the future. The essence of the block chain is to establish a trust relationship. In 2018, we must recognize the essence of the block chain, and we must establish the value network. Take the value network as the core, do not use the pure IT angle to look at the block chain! This also shows that there is no limit to the future development of Bitbitx.