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release time:2018-04-11 publisher:BBX

All members of the Bitbitx platform:

This platform will launch the medical chain chain (MHCBC) digital assets and open the innovation area MHCBC/DNY trading market.

Open charging time: Beijing time April 11, 2018, 14:00.
Open trading time: Beijing time April 11, 2018, 14:00.

Medical care chain: MHCBC (medical health care block chain) MedicalTourism Swiss medical consortium launched MedicalTourismisoneofthegrowingdimensionofhealthcareglobalization. (MHCBC) total distribution of 2 billion 700 million. The aim is to build a one-stop digital asset vertical medical beauty service system. To solve the problems faced by medical health care and health care, such as information opaque, illegal impersonation, product service, counterfeit and inferior products, false advertising, uncertainty of service prices, limited marketing channels, lack of management and supervision, and consumer rights and interests.

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The commodity trading of block chain has very high risk (pre dug, skyrocketing and tumbling, dealer manipulation, team disbandage, technical defects, etc.). According to relevant laws, BBX only provides a free online exchange platform for the enthusiasts of block chain goods, and the value of investment does not bear the responsibility of examining, guaranty and compensation for its investment value. If we break the law and regulations, BBX has the right to unconditionally drop the goods. If you can't accept it, please do not trade! Thank you