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More than 4500 Japanese merchants accept bitcoin!

release time:2017-11-17 publisher:BBX

More than 4500 Japanese merchants accept bitcoin! Or promote Japan's economic erection again

Japanese sushi store supporting bitcoin payment

Beijing time 17 morning CNBC said, earlier this year, the Japanese government signed the bill, admit that bitcoin and other virtual currencies are legitimate payment. At present, Japan has accounted for about half of the total amount of global bitcoin transactions, more than the United States, becoming the world's largest bitcoin trading market.

Now, large Japanese retailers are joining the camp, and the legalization of bitcoin has prompted them to work with bitcoin exchanges and begin to accept bitcoin as a payment method.In the past 5 months, some of Japan's largest business groups have begun to accept bitcoin payments, including Budget airline company, Le peach, the leading electronics retailer, Hakka Miller, and Japan's largest cheap chain hotel capsule hotel.

According to the Nikkei news, more than 4500 businesses and stores in Japan now accept bitcoin payments, which may increase by 4 times to 22500 by the end of this year.

Japanese retail enterprises support bitcoin payment

Bic Camera large shopping center supports bitcoin payment

Do you think bitcoin can help the Japanese economy to erect again?