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Heavy pound! Baidu also dug coins!

release time:2017-11-22 publisher:BBX

Heavy pound! Baidu also dug coins! Cash dug out can be exchanged for cash!

According to the coin circle, Baidu, the Internet giant, recently issued a token called Baidu vault.

The official said, "Baidu is the gold super mill idle resources launch customer mining clients, to obtain income through the use of idle bandwidth or peak bandwidth mining, can help customers minimize room cost."

The official website of the project is http://baijin.baidu.com, the user through the Baidu gold coins can be directly converted to cash, can also exchange high value gift cards.

Recently, the Internet giants have joined the digital currency industry, such as the thunder issued a similar block chain products - "guest cloud", stimulated by this news, the last month the stock price pulled up 6 times. For this opportunity, Baidu certainly won't miss it.

It is worth noting that, Baidu this time, but naked into the money circle, rather than just as before the block chain research.

With the addition of Baidu, BAT giants are also involved in the digital currency world. This is something that has never happened in the digital currency field. We should be glad to catch up with the changes of the times.