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Central bank Zhou Xiaochuan

release time:2018-03-09 publisher:BBX

Phoenix News WEMONEY March 9th, the thirteen session of the press conference of the National People's Congress was held. Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the people's Bank of China, answered questions from Chinese and foreign journalists about "financial reform and development".

Zhou Xiaochuan said: recently and the industry together to organize research and development, a variety of programs, and the market to work together to develop digital currency. The essence of digital money is to pursue the aspect, shortcut and low cost of the retail payment system. It also must pursue security and protect privacy. Digital money is a variety of possible systems.

In addition, Zhou Xiaochuan put forward that in the aspect of digital money research, we should pay attention to overall financial stability and risk prevention, and digital money should ensure the transmission mechanism of monetary policy and financial stability, and protect consumers. Some technology schemes take too much risk and make consumers lose when they fail. Especially for big powers, they must be careful and have enough tests to make them reliable.

Comment: Zhou's meaning is very clear: everything needs to be observed and all the products have to be tested. Especially as the country monetary system, to be cautious. It is an early and late thing to push forward the digital currency system, and it will develop in combination with the market.